If you have any problems that you can’t find a solution to or get help with, first turn to the student council at your school.

If there is no student council, you can turn to EÜL with your problem. The management board and employees of EÜL are competent to advise you or can direct you to the right person who handles such issues. EÜL helps students with the following issues:

– educational issues (quality of higher education, qualifications, funding, organisation of studies, comparison/ranking of institutions of higher education, managing an institution of higher education, life-long learning, learner-centred teaching, and topics associated with the European Higher Education Area);

– social issues (academic mobility, internationalisation of higher education, taking earlier studies and work experience into consideration, study allowances and loans, expenses associated with studies, housing, transport, catering, health care, child care, employment, access and equal opportunities for higher education, and admission);

– student movement (establishing and daily management of a student council, processes associated with members, development activity within and outside the organisation).

You can send your question to the e-mail address eyl@eyl.ee.


If there is no student council at the school

If there is no student council in your school, you have the right to establish one yourself. First turn to the board of your school. The school must provide the resources and legal bases necessary for the student council to operate. There are employees at EÜL that advise on which should be the first activities upon establishing a student council.

If the student council has already been established, all Student Bodies operating in Estonia have the right to request membership in the EÜL. The procedure for becoming a member of EÜL is set out in the rules of procedure of EÜL.

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