The procedure and terms and conditions for becoming a member and candidate member of EÜL are described in the rules of procedure of EÜL. Applying for a member or observer member status takes place according to an application submitted by a signatory representative of the Student Body on the basis of a resolution of the representative body of the Student Body, which is submitted to the management board of EÜL. The decision on accepting the applicant as a member is made by the General Meeting of EÜL. The most important condition for becoming a member is that the elections are carried out democratically.

As a member of EÜL, a student council can have a say in developing student life at the national level (e.g. developing policies concerning students), members of the student council have an opportunity to participate in different training courses of the Federation that will, in turn, help promote student life at their institution of higher education. Observer members have rights similar to those of the members; the only differences is that observer members do not have the right to vote at the highest decision-making body of EÜL, the General Meeting of EÜL.

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MTÜ Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit (Federation of Estonian Student Unions)