Finding a place to live depends on the city where the institution of higher education is situated and the opportunities available in the student campus as well as the student’s needs and financial preferences. Students should take into consideration that other students are also looking for an affordable and high quality place to live and that good offers go quickly.

Rental apartment

Rental apartments can be found through real estate portals, real estate agents, newspaper/tabloid adverts or acquaintances. The cheapest option is to rent an apartment with several people, but the choice depends on one’s preferences and opportunities. Rental prices of student apartments usually fall within 100–510 euros. When entering into a lease contract through a real estate agent or agency, you should account for paying triple the rent upfront (rent, security deposit and brokerage fee). The deposit may be cheaper if the apartment is rented directly from the owner.

When renting the apartment, find out whether the tenant is provided with furniture (bed, closet, desk), home appliances (washing machine, kettle, etc.) and cookware (pots, pans, dishes). Also come to an agreement on whether the rent includes utilities and auxiliary expenses, internet and insurance.

Make sure to carefully read the contract upon entering into the lease contract in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future. It is important for the contract to specify the inventory in the apartment, its condition (as images), amount of rent and rental period as well as the rights and obligations of both parties.

Hall of residence

In order to get a place in a hall of residence, you should take a look at the opportunities available in a specific city or student campus of the university and contact them as early as possible. Single, double and triple rooms are generally available. Several halls of residence have been built as units that resemble an apartment layout, i.e. every unit has its own kitchen, washroom and toilet.

Halls of residence are usually furnished, equipped with internet and have an opportunity for doing laundry (which is usually charged extra). Remember that each student campus has its own rules and conditions that the student has to take into consideration.

Useful Facebook groups that help find housing:

Üürikorterid (ILMA MAAKLERITA)
Korterite üürimine Tartus (Otse Omanikult)

Student campuses:

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Estonian Academy of Arts hall of residence
Tallinn University halls of residence
Tallinn University of Technology halls of residence
Tallinn School of Economics student housing (in Estonian)

University of Tartu halls of residence

Web sites offering rental apartments: (in Estonian)

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