The rights of the students are set out in section 15 of the Higher Education Act as well as in the organisation of studies of a specific institution of higher education.

§ 15. Student’s rights and obligations

(1) The student has the right to:
1) conditions necessary for studying, including to a safe study environment that supports the attainment of the learning outcomes;
2) receive information needed for completing the study programme;
3) receive study and career counselling;
4) give feedback on the content of the studies, the quality of teaching and the organisation of the studies, and contest decisions concerning the organisation of studies;
5) elect representatives and be elected to the collegial representative bodies of the higher education institution;
6) every academic year get a holiday of at least two months, except in a professional higher education institution for national defence;
7) take an academic leave of absence in accordance with the procedure established by the higher education institution usually for up to one year, plus for up to two years for health reasons, for up to a year in the case of conscription or alternative service, and for taking care of a child until the child reaches the age of three years;
8) receive state scholarships on the conditions and in accordance with the procedure established on the basis of subsection 4 of this section.

(2) Where the higher education institution’s right to organise studies terminates and teaching based on the respective study programme is terminated, the higher education institution ensures in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research that the students pursuing the programme can continue their studies at the same or another higher education institution in the same or a similar field of study.

(3) The student is required to:
1) complete the study programme;
2) responsibly use the study facilities, including teaching materials and learning aids;
3) in the studies, follow the academic ethical principles and the good study practice;
4) follow other terms and conditions of organisation of studies established by the higher education institution.

(4) The types and amounts of state scholarships for students and the general conditions of and procedure for granting them are established by a regulation of the minister responsible for the field.

(5) A person has the right to request that their prior learning and work experience be recognised on the conditions and in accordance with the procedure established by the higher education institution.

In case you need any assistance regarding your rights as a student, feel free to contact your student council.