Since 2012/2013 academic year, higher education is free of charge in Estonia for those studying full-time and in Estonian.

Needs-based student support system was introduced in 2013/2014 for citizens of Estonia or to those residing in Estonia on the basis of a permanent or temporary residence permit. Students from less privileged families can apply for study allowance (75, 135 or 220 EUR per month for 10 months a year) when studying full-time and completing at least 75% of the curriculum.

Result-based grants of 100 euros a month can be applied from the second semester of the academic year of enrolment and thereafter twice a year.

Speciality grants are available for teacher training specialties (160 EUR), informatics and information technology at the IT Academy (160-300EUR) and other 86 curricula (mainly mechanics, manufacturing, IT and technology).

Special-needs student grants (60-510EUR) are available for students with disabilities.

For young people raised in a substitute home or family can have an allowance of 160euros.

PhD students who meet the requirements for obtaining a doctoral allowance, have the right to receive 660 euros per month 12 months a year.

Read more about the allowances and grants here: Study allowances and state grants | Estonian Ministry of Education and Research