Generally accepted principles of student elections have been drawn up in order to ensure fair and transparent elections and to strengthen student democracy.

All the candidates of student council elections are invited to join the generally accepted principles of elections. Those who have joined the generally accepted principles of elections promise the following:

Role of student elections

Democratic and fair elections serve as a basis for successful operation of student councils.

The success of student elections depends on students. Only democratically elected representative body and management board of a Student Body can ensure that the students’ interests are taken into consideration and rights are protected at the institution of higher education.

Funding and supporting elections

It is recommended that each candidate informs their voters of the sources of funding for their campaign;

If a Student Body decides to support or promote candidates in any way, it shall take place on equal grounds with regard to all candidates.


Election promises are associated with the decision-making power of the representative body of a Student Body;

Election promises are used to show what the candidate hopes to change in the institution of higher education and student life should they be elected. It is recommended that an election promise is accompanied by an implementation plan and potential sources of revenue for the promise;

Scaring and buying off voters and stirring up opposition through national, social, racial or other group affiliation is prohibited during the elections;

Candidates inform their voters of their membership in any political party or youth council of a political party during the elections;

Organisations supporting the candidates refrain from interfering with the election campaign and debate. Individual people, not the associations they belong in, run for the elections and apply for responsibility.

In the event that generally accepted principles have been violated, please let us know at the address

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MTÜ Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit (Federation of Estonian Student Unions)