Candidacy to the working groups of EÜL 2024

EÜL has three working groups: Social Policy working group, Educational Policy working group and International working group. The mandate of the members of the working groups lasts until December 31st 2024.

Social Policy working group analyses and creates the positions of EÜL on topics that touch upon the wellbeing and survival of students and also inclusion and equality.

Educational Policy working group forms positions and goals for educational topics that guide the way EÜL does its advocacy work.

International working group works on topics that are not just in Estonia but decisions that are made internationally and affect the lives of students here. (NB! Estonian is not required in this working group!)

To apply for the working group one has to fill out this form here by saying which working group one is interested in and why. Then one must also add CV and a nomination letter from one’s local student union.

All this must be done before January 21st 2024 23:59.