• Aadress

    MTÜ Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit
    Pärnu mnt 102-21 (E korpus) III korrus, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond, 11312

  • Kontor avatud

    E-R: 10:00-16.30

  • Rekvisiidid

    Pangakonto EE781010022003722007
    SEB Pank
    Registrinumber 80059438

  • E-mail

    Kõigi EÜLi töötajate e-posti aadressid on kujul eesnimi.perenimi@eyl.ee.

How to find us?

True, finding us can be a little problematic. That’s why we’ll try to explain the location of EÜL office as accurately as possible. EÜL is situated at the address Pärnu mnt 102-21 (E-unit), floor III, Tallinn. You’ll find the exact location below.

Coming on foot or driving from the city centre, the easiest option is to take Pärnu mnt. EÜL office is situated near Magdaleena Hospital and Polyclinic. Walking or driving across Pärnu mnt overpass, turn right immediately BEFORE Magdaleena Polyclinic. Our building is on the right-hand side. There’s a small park or rather or tree grove in between. Cross the park and you’ll find yourself in front of our building (see the photo of the building).

You can also take city buses to us. The following buses departing from the city centre stop near us: – numbers 5, 18, 36, 20, 20A, 52 (stop Tallinn-Väike).

Trams 3 and 4 stop near us (stop Tallinn-Väike). Find the schedules for public transport at http://soiduplaan.tallinn.ee/

If you’re struggling, please call 640 0422.

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