Where to find information about elections?

Estonia is getting ready for the upcoming European Union (EU) elections, and there’s a lot happening right now that could change the future of Europe. These elections are especially important for students, as they provide a chance to influence big decisions on a wide scale. As a student, your involvement in these elections is crucial, because it can help shape the future of European democracy.

This guide is here to help you understand the importance of the EU elections and Estonia’s role in them. We will also explain how your vote can influence big areas like education, the environment, the economy, and social policies. Our goal is to give you the information and motivation you need to get involved in European politics. This isn’t just about voting in an election; it’s about the important role young people have in shaping what the European Union will look like in the future. This guide will point you to the most reliable sources so that you have all the necessary and correct information about the elections.

  • European Parliament’s Resources European Parliament Website (europarl.europa.eu): This site is a treasure trove of information about the European Parliament’s roles, functions, and members. It’s a fantastic resource to understand how Estonia contributes to the EU, and to learn about the representatives who voice your country’s interests in European affairs.
  • Estonian National Electoral Information Vabariigi Valimiskomisjon (National Electoral Committee) (www.valimised.ee): As the authoritative source for Estonia’s involvement in the EU elections, this site provides essential details about voter registration, polling processes, and specific instructions on how Estonians can participate in the EU elections.
  • Online Engagement and Resources European Information Centers: These centers are hubs for EU-related literature and resources, perfect for students seeking comprehensive information on the elections. Student Forums: Engaging in discussions on platforms like Reddit’s/Eesti and university forums offers a dynamic way to gain insights and engage with peers on election-related topics.
  • University and Academia University Events: Universities often host seminars and debates related to the EU elections, providing a platform for learning and discussion. Academic Libraries: University libraries are a wealth of knowledge with resources to deepen your understanding of EU politics, election mechanisms, and the broader implications of the EU’s policies.
  • Social Media and Networking Official EU and Political Accounts: Following these accounts provides up-to-date news and information. They can be an excellent source for real-time updates and insights. Student Political Organizations: Active participation in these groups can offer firsthand experience in political discussions and initiatives related to the EU elections.

For Estonian students, your involvement in the EU elections is more than a right – it’s a powerful tool to influence change. By leveraging these resources, you gain the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and understand the broader implications of your participation. Engage, learn, and play a crucial role in shaping both Estonia’s and the EU’s future.

Additionally, for direct information about EU elections across all member states, visit the EU’s dedicated election page at elections.europa.eu.

Pooja KohliMember of EÜL's international working group